Need a startup advisor or small business mentor? Or do you want business optimisation for an existing business? We help you to move forward and get ahead.

Moving forward. Getting ahead.

Do you want to get where you’re going faster? If it feels like you’re wheel-spinning, maybe it’s time for a big push.

Are you wild-eyed with excitement, yet paralysed by fear? Your business is growing fast and you’re not sure how to keep it on track.

Or do you have a dream that’s playing hard to get? Like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, your goal remains frustratingly just out of reach.

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At Traktion, we provide the clarity and forward momentum you need to get a grip on your business – and even your life.

Even though we excel with numbers, we know profits alone don’t necessarily equate to a happier situation. We also know professional goals are often intertwined with personal ones. So our approach to helping you is holistic.

Our high-voltage combination of accountancy skills and business advice is the spark that lights your fuse. We can help you to build an empire that continuously grows in value, generate more cash to fuel your life plans, or alleviate dependency and escape to a life that’s work-free.

Working with us brings a rush of blood to your head. It also puts a spring in your step and an audacious gleam in your eye. That’s because we love to empower ambitious business owners like you.

After each session at Traktion, you’ll come away with clear view of the way ahead and what to do next. You’ll feel the effects of positive change and gain a balanced perspective of purpose, profits and personal wellbeing. And you’ll have the cosy feeling that comes with knowing the compliance side of your business – IRD returns, GST returns and financial reporting – is firmly under control.

Our formula for success revolves around empowering you to be your best every day.

That means becoming your sounding board, personal coach, brainstorming partner and guru. We help you to gain the clarity you’ve been desperately wanting, so that you can sharpen plans, erase doubts, remove obstacles and generally get shit done. Moving forward towards your goals isn’t just doable, it’s inevitable.

Actionheroes who know the way and show the way

Every member of the Traktion team is a business enthusiast and actionhero with real-world business skills and knowledge. We know how to leap over the hurdles business owners typically face, like cashflow shortages, stagnant growth and headaches from hiring the wrong people.

 As a Traktion client you’ll work with a team that has your back. We’ll help you to see things more clearly, as well as devise clever tactics to move your business forward. You can think of us as the glue you need to make positive changes that stick.

“Business and personal life are interconnected, so we work in a holistic way with clients to set them up to achieve their goals. A core part of that is getting the foundation right, with optimal structuring. That’s what makes us way more than a compliance factory.”

Monique Hope-Pearson

Traktion actionhero and founder

  • Business optimisation expert
  • Startup advisor
  • Governance advisor

Monique comes from a law background, so her special power is setting up or adjusting frameworks. She can help with optimised structuring for companies and trusts to ensure assets are protected and tax is minimised.

“In the corporate world I worked directly with senior management. They’d come to me with their plans and strategies, and I’d help them to run various scenarios to support decision making. Often, I’d just be there for them to talk ideas through. This kind of support is a reason why these giant corporates are so successful. With Traktion, we’re bringing that kind of support to smaller businesses.”

Gareth Yaxley

Traktion actionhero and founder

  • Small business mentor
  • Business planning, coaching and mentoring
  • Accounting advisor

Gareth is a numbers guru who used to provide in-house financial advice and mentoring within a $22billion company. He’s an expert accountant, but he’s also a visionary.