You know the moment when Clark Kent hurries behind the nearest bush to transform into Superman?  And when Diana Prince finds an empty corridor to quickly whirl into Wonderwoman? And when Bruce Banner harnesses righteous indignation to become the Incredible Hulk? Well, we’ve just had one of those transformative moments.

The business formerly-known as HPY is now a band of business actionheroes called Traktion. Our people are more than accountants and business advisors; they are mentors, coaches and cheerleaders who work alongside SME owners to make New Zealand businesses better, bigger and ballsier.

“As we morph into our next iteration, our purpose is to provide business owners with absolute clarity and focus, giving them the confidence to move forward and get ahead.. Business owners are often too busy to think and plan. When they partner with us, they learn how to work on the business, rather than in the business. It all goes to building a sustainable and scalable business, where you are supported by a team that has your back,” says Gareth Yaxley, co-founder of Traktion.

Monique Hope-Pearson, his partner in life and business, agrees.

“We’re pushing beyond Gizzy, our home base, to go nationwide. The service we offer is linked to a psychographic, not a demographic. We’re looking to work with business owners who are hell-bent on getting ahead, whether that means building out their wealth creation plan, preparing their business for sale, so that it achieves an optimum sale price, or having more freedom from work.”

A major component of our new brand is fun, because at Traktion we believe everybody deserves to do what they love and love what they do.

“Our new letterhead can be repurposed as a paper dart, so you can combine playtime with worktime. Similarly, the coaching sessions we run are deliberately designed to show business owners that enjoyment and celebration are essential ingredients for long-term business success,” says Gareth.

Our new service menu ranges from essential accounting and tax services through to business development solutions like annual business planning, cashflow management reporting and quarterly coaching. We can even help business owners choose new IT systems to streamline and simplify business processes. 

“We’re looking for clients who want to be audacious and brave. By working with us, they’re de-risking the way forward, because we have the smarts to help them make plans, solve problems, and move ahead with confidence,” says Monique.

Businesses that are riding a rollercoaster of growth, evolving into something different or navigating obstacles to achieve a dream are invited to browse our new website To quote Walt Disney, a man who famously combined business success with fun, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

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