Business Advisory

Whether your business is rapidly expanding, undergoing transformation or under-performing, we have a range of business improvement and development solutions solutions aimed at maximizing your business’s potential.


From regular coaching sessions to a full organisational review, we deliver a wide range of customised business enhancement services tailored to meet your specific requirements. The following options highlight our core offerings designed to help your business be the best it can be. 

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Business planning

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That’s why this offering is at the top of our business development solutions list. After completing some essential pre-work, you’ll join a senior Traktion actionhero for a four-hour planning session that will result in a clear and concise business plan. You’ll also come away with a 90-day action plan that addresses immediate and critical issues.

Business coaching

Get a rev-up regularly throughout the year to keep your business performance heading in the right direction. Coaching gives you an expert sounding board and advice for implementing new ideas, identifying issues, task prioritisation and much more. You’ll come away with the clarity you need to achieve your goals, increase cashflow and improve your business.

Management reporting

In the words of one wise business person, Peter Drucker to be exact, “what gets measured gets managed”. By receiving a regular snapshot of financial results and key drivers, you can design and implement improvement strategies that kick your goals to touch. This is a monthly or quarterly service, because consistency ensures you won’t drop the ball.

Cashflow forecasting

Cash is crucial for businesses; even profitable ones can fail due to poor cash flow. Every business should create an annual Cashflow Forecast to guide planning and decision-making. We encourage clients to be proactive in cashflow management, enabling confident execution of growth strategies for positive business changes.

Virtual CFO

A virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) provides financial management and strategic guidance for your business, and through Traktions virtual CFO services, you can access the expertise of a seasoned financial professional while keeping costs significantly lower than hiring a full-time CFO.

and much more…