Risk is a part of business life, with every decision carrying some degree of risk; whether financial, legal, or reputational. With economic uncertainty comes increased risk and increased stress. The best protection for your business comes from identifying, assessing, and managing risk.

We can help you do this. Proactivity trumps reactivity, so the more time spent planning and preparing, the more we can minimise the potential impact of risks materialising.

Our Risk Management Meeting helps you make a plan to embed ongoing risk management and reporting. If you’re regularly stressed and finding yourself responding to unanticipated issues, this meeting is essential.

During the session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify risk indicators in all departments of your business
  • Record risks in a Risk Register
  • Assess and evaluate risks based on likelihood and consequence
  • Set strategies to mitigate risks and improve reporting
  • Establish an ongoing risk management strategy

It’s important to understand that managing risk is an ongoing cycle and not a ‘set and forget’ task, so having the required knowledge and tools in place is essential.

If you don’t already have a Risk Register or risk management strategy, now is the time to prioritise this. Risk management starts at the top and filters down through each department, so you must get your team on board. The sooner you start, the more control you’ll have with managing risks, with fewer consequences.

Our Risk Management Meeting covers:

  • Demystifying the risk management cycle
  • Recognising risk indicators in your business
  • Understanding how to assess risk
  • Creating a Risk Register identifying your most critical risks
  • Prioritising your most critical risks and focus on strategies to mitigate them
  • Having strong reporting lines and the people and processes to manage the risks
  • Achieving increased mind freedom

You’re not alone in business; we’re here to help you minimise risk and achieve freedom. If you need help to identify, plan, and mitigate risk, get in touch for more information about our Risk Management Meeting.

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