Minimum wage increase

Effective April 1, 2024, the minimum wage will increase to $23.14. As an employer, you must comply with this increase and pay their employees at least the new minimum rate.

Managing holiday cash flow

This time of year can be hard on small businesses. With a bit of pre-planning and being proactive, you can set yourself up for a financially stress-free holiday.
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Are you ready to unlock cashflow freedom?

Ever wonder where the cash goes in your business? Join our masterclass Unlocking Cashflow Freedom, to find out and learn how to better manage it, to achieve cashflow freedom.

Paying yourself as a business owner

Determining how much you pay yourself as a business owner hinges on factors such as your business’s financial capacity, market pay rates, and whether reinvestment could pay dividends.

Plain English guide to cashflow

Positive cashflow is the beating heart of your business. Dive into our Plain English guide to cashflow and find out how to get in complete control of your cash position.