At Traktion, we provide the forward momentum you need to get a grip on your business – and even your life. While we excel with numbers, our core competency is helping people make their lives a little happier – and that’s what drives us to think differently in the business improvement space.

If you’re wondering how to work less and make more, how to improve your business, or how to increase profits, we offer a full range of business improvement services that cover a variety of options, fully customized to your needs. Traktion is headquartered in Gisborne, yet our services extend to businesses throughout New Zealand.

Business Development & Advisory:

Whether your business is just starting up, expanding into something bigger, or under-performing, we have a range of solutions focused on getting the most out of your business. Read more about our core range of services here.

Accounting and Tax:

A fundamental aspect of our work is providing tax and compliance services for businesses of all sizes. With our smart accounting solutions, we provide business clarity that makes it easy for you to move forward and get ahead. While many may only see financial statements and tax documents, our process runs much deeper. We create the financial statements you need as a business owner, showing how your business performed for the year and whether it made a profit. We carefully plan how to structure your business and personal finances to minimize your tax legally. Then, we handle preparing, filing, and checking your tax returns. We also explain what it all means, how much tax you owe, and when it’s due. Additionally, we facilitate various administrative tasks, including company incorporation, annual returns, dividends, and more.

Behind the scenes at Traktion, there’s a lot more than just crunching numbers and filing tax returns; we genuinely care about your financial well-being.

Technology and Systems:

Technology and data are already a big part of everyday life. Our team of action heroes can help you identify solutions that have the power to transform your daily reality. From accounting and payroll software to workflow tools and industry-specific solutions, we can bring all your solutions together to streamline and simplify business processes.

Our Brand Promise

We will give you absolute business clarity and focus or your money back. At Traktion, we believe everybody deserves to do what they love and love what they do.

As a Traktion client, you’ll work with a team that has your back. We want to know what’s really at the heart of your business, what makes it work, and what you love about it. We want you to work smarter, not harder, and in the process, build a more financially rewarding business that delivers a better lifestyle for you.

At Traktion, we’re more than just accountants—we’re partners in your financial success, committed to providing comprehensive support and expertise every step of the way.

To take action, get in touch today to book your free consultation.

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